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Want to improve your batting skills? Keep your team motivated and enhance your batting performance with the help of a bowling machine.

Get the ultimate bowling machine for hire in Melbourne. Whether your key objective is to increase your team’s batting speed or polish your on-field batting techniques, Hoppers Crossing Cricket Store can help.

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We offer the below Machine Hire Services:

1. Standard line hire

2. Bowling machine hire

We offer dynamic and reliable bowling machines for hire to customers. Our machines provide high-quality bowling simulations for a realistic on-field experience. The speed and swing of the ball can be adjusted on the spot according to your requirements.

If you are looking to hire a bowling machine, kindly make the booking through our website. We also provide a comprehensive cricket training program headed by our experienced professionals. Learn from the best and experienced coaches in Melbourne and learn all-new batting techniques that can help you improve your performance.

We are proud to offer a range of customised cricket appeals and safety gear.

Want to print your team’s logo on your cricket kit? No problem. We can help.

Want a Bowling Machine for Hire?

Practice as many times as you like using a bowling machine. Improve your muscle memory and learn how to tackle the fast-paced ball on the field. This way batsmen can overcome the challenges and difficulties they face on the field.

Let us tell you more about our custom bowling machine. It is a great practising tool for both professional and entry-level cricketers. The dual point feeding and release system create the perfect experience for the players.

You can practice deliveries while controlling the speed and angle of the ball. The machine optimises and improves the reflexes of the players, helping them to prepare for the match.

To make your booking, visit our website and select the date. Kindly go through the pricing plan and make sure to read the terms and conditions.

Need assistance or have a question in mind? Talk to our customer support team online.

We offer a specialised bowling machine for hire to cricketers looking to enhance their cricketing skills. The auto feeder can hold more than 30 balls at once. It is an ideal way for every cricket player to practice at their convenience. The estimated price for an hour is approximately $49.

Train your entire team just the way you want with our reliable cricketing equipment and machines. You can set the speed on each delivery using a remote-control device. Even if the players want to practice a stroke, a bowling machine can help.

Advantages of using a Bowling Machine for Practice:

For batsmen, it’s all about how well their batting techniques are. If you practice every day on a bowling machine, it will improve your muscle coordination and timing. Learn new strokes and improve your batting performance.

Practice back-foot work by continuously hitting short-pitched balls. Bowling machines can replicate any bowling style instantly. All you need to do is make the necessary adjustments.

Always stay one step ahead of your competitors by practising with an advanced bowling machine.

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