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It is a well-known fact that cricket bats are susceptible to damage and tear.

Cricket bats endure a high level of collision with the speed of the ball hitting the bat, which sometimes result in cracks in and around the surface and edges.

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Our Bat Knocking & Repair Service:

  1. Knocking and Oiling
  2. Extratec
  3. Toe Goo
  4. Face Clean
  5. Total refurbishment /Full clean up
  6. Re handle
  7. Binding
  8. Shoulder binding
  9. Side repair
  10. Toe repair
  11. Weight reduction
  12. Shortening of handle
  13. Hollow repair
  14. New grip

Lack of proper maintenance and discolouration of the blade can affect the cricket player’s performance. In such a case, the bats must be assessed and repaired almost immediately.

Want to ensure your Cricket Bat is ready to use on the Field?

Extend the shelf life of your cricket bat with our dedicated knocking in services.

We at Hoppers Crossing Cricket Store provides our customers with the best-in-class cricket bat knocking in service. Our services also include applying a thick coat of linseed oil to the entire front and back areas of the bat. The edges are carefully knocked along with the toe and face of the bat.

In the process, the wood is compressed so that the bat can take up a hit. The main objective behind this process is to enhance the power of each bat and make it ready to use.

What is Cricket Bat Knocking?

Cricket bat knocking is a process in which the willow is compressed so that the bat can become field ready. If the process is not done correctly, then your cricket bat can become prone to damage. Some bats require more work than other models depending on the type of willow. You need to pay attention to the entire bat’s area which is why you need a professional.

How We Work?

The entire knocking process takes several hours based on how soft or hard the willow is. The bats are machine rolled and then the blades are hardened. After this, the bats are oiled at least twice and are knocked in with a wooden mallet. This procedure is done to enhance their durability.

The excess oil is wiped off from the bat. We pay special attention to the edges and toe of the bat. We ensure that enough pressure is applied without the risk of any damage.

A gentle force is applied on the bat to avoid deep bruising of the willow fibre. The trampoline effect of the bats is increased which works in the favour of the batsmen. The bats are tested for quality during every stage of the process.

Once the knocking process is completed, the blades are tested again. We analyse the bats and double-check their performance and efficiency on the field.

Why hire our Cricket Bat Knocking in Service?

  • Use of the most advanced knocking technology and machine
  • Knocking is done to the entire cricket bat including face and toe
  • Get the best results with a quick turnaround
  • Support of qualified and experienced staff

Protect your bat against serious damage with bat knocking.

We have a team of skilled technicians who specialise in providing bat knocking services. We follow a tailored approach in which each bat is tightly pressed so that willow fibre can become soft.

Fill our online contact form for further details of our cricket bat knocking in service.