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Are you looking for the best cricket shoes for men? Hoppers Crossing Cricket Store can help.

From cricket spikes to trainer shoes, we have got a diverse range of shoes that offers absolute comfort.

Cricket spikes shoes are different from a normal pair of shoes. They are sturdier and are specially built for cricket. The spikes are present on the bottom of the shoe surface to provide a grip to the player running and walking on the field.

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A good pair of cricket shoes is a must for every cricket player. Whether you are going to play a series or undergoing cricket training, you need to have proper footwear that can support your feet all day long on the field.

If you are planning on playing cricket on a natural cricket pitch, then it is best to wear cricket spikes shoes. The best thing about these types of shoes is that the players can maintain their footing while playing.


Spikes shoes will protect you from any injuries or accidents that may occur during the game. The shoes are designed in such a way that they correct the player’s posture and stance. Whether you are a bowler or a fielder, cricket spikes shoes will enable you to run faster as they provide the much-needed balance and control over your body movements.

Batsmen can benefit from having spike shoes due to the grip they provide on the pitch. Shoes of incorrect measurement can restrict your body movement and hurt your toes and heels. You must choose the correct size of shoes that gives sufficient breathing space to your toe.

Cricket shoes with Rubber Spikes

There are many cricket pitches that are slippery and may prevent a player to get a good grip while walking or running. To prevent this from happening on the pitch, choose cricket shoes with rubber spikes. Get the best arch support for your feet out there. If you are going to play on a concrete surface, then these shoes are the perfect sportswear for you and your team.

At Hoppers Crossing Cricket Store, we will help you pick the right pair of shoes online. You can consult with our experts and share the essential details. For instance, do you need shoes with extra cushioning or high shock-absorbing capacity?

Features of Rubber Spikes Cricket Shoes:

  • Made from artificial leather polyurethane
  • Extremely soft and flexible
  • Offers complete arch support to the player
  • Allows flexible and free movement of the feet
  • Promotes comfort and extra legroom
  • Protects the feet and prevents any possible injury

We ensure our customers that we only supply cricket shoes that can sustain bending and heavy impact load. Only good quality material is used to design shoes for long-lasting performance.

Avoid injuries and show your best performance on the field by choosing from our range of cricket shoes with rubber spikes.

We specialise in offering cricket gear and cricketing supplies that offer exceptional performance support to the players.